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About Us

Awadh Technology established in 2018, we work with major manufacturers from different verticals to generate unique digital solution that provide real results. Since then we have started across geographies, having existence in Haryana, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Agra and Mumbai. Yet, our love for everything digital has never watered down Look for, social, mobile, web, touch, whatever.
Leveraging on our wide domain expertise, we have earned a wide recognition by providing ITSolutions and Web Designing Services. Our portfolio comprises Website Maintenance Services, Web Hosting Services, Domain Name Registration Services, Search Engine Optimization Services, and others. These are rendered by experienced professionals, such as software engineers, web designers, web developers, engineers and other skilled personel.
As one of the Best SEO Company in India our services which are affordable and are compensated on a month-to-month basis and yearly basis also. In relationship to that, we serve business organizations of all dimensions and take pleasure in the fact that we are effective in assisting sites in over 100 verticals. Our services are offered to all companies, whether you're centered in or out of Lucknow. There are very few search phrases or strategies which we can’t cope with, we like to exceed our top quality solutions with difficulties that makes us much better in what we usually do. We endeavor to accomplish top quality and to give you guarantee upon holding you to the top, offering a great come back. All we ask for is a six-month dedication from all our clients. After that you can be confident that the visitors and revenue you've organized will be obtained.

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Why to Choose us

Why Hire an Internet Promotion Company?
We’re often asked to answer the issue why a company should hire an on the internet promotion organization instead of choosing an in-house employee. This query is especially frequent when it comes to public networking management services. Social press is a very powerful way to get your ideal viewers and it’s changing the way businesses markets themselves on the internet off, Social Media Marketing is a way to have a personal discussion with prospective clients and current clients about your brand online. With this in mind, some feel that managing all public networking initiatives in-house is the best option. However, there are many advantages to integrating with an On the internet promotion organization for your public networking needs. We take time to learn your business, your objectives and recognize your target market, We help you create a unique annually social strategy and online promotion plan. Dealing with our company you also have the below benefits with operating with an online promotion agency.

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Advanced Tools and Software

Awadh Technology partners with companies that produce advanced tools and application related to the public networking industry. We use cutting-edge application and apps for monitoring the Internet for relevant discussions, working together with teams and examining performance of your public internet marketing.


Awadh Technology has a full group of public networking professionals, experienced in the how to go about numerous public networking sites and enthusiastic about developing extensive discussion strategy for our clients. With our company, you’re provided with a longer period, more human resources and more resources at your fingers. We have someone to keep track of your popularity and enhance your brand around the clock. No need to worry about days off, holidays and worker revenues.
Exclusive Industry Knowledge Awadh Technology has access to the additional features and improvements from market associates, enabling us to provide cutting-edge techniques for your public networking program. We have associates and connections at the major public networking sites and connections with market management,which allows us to keep up-to-date on never stand still methods and strategies within the market.

Cost Benefit

Most Awadh Technology customers have run a price benefit analysis desire on an agency remedy compared to an internal remedy for their public networking technique. Our customers find that the investment for retaining NOW Promotion Team as their long-term partner for public networking growth is far more economical than the alternative, which requires signing up to the necessary technology platforms, as well as hiring staff with expertise in public networking tracking, technique development, technique execution and results tracking.

We don’t view you as simply a sale or a client

Your business growth is our business. We need to have you to go as far as you can picture both online and off. For that reason, we cooperate with you to give solutions that perform, both now and in the upcoming. We do not offer over cost promotion offers with long contracts…our offers are personalized to your company needs for a cost-effective promotion offers with no agreement. It is our interest to develop and accomplish marketing communications between your product and your perfect viewers, to help reveal your concept.
It is our assurance and our Commitment that your internet existence is well known and reliable.


"To facilitate the businesses by empowering them with Digital Presence.”


"To be consistently in alignment with our Vision and achieve our objectives without diluting our values.”

WE Strive

• To satisfy our customers beyond their expectations.
• To maximize the market potential for our clients in digital arena.
• To progress with ethical methods and transparent environment.
• To be leader among the equals by raising industry standards.
• To earn respect by constantly challenging benchmarks.


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