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In the Today’s World Everybody needs a website for their business. Website is becoming popular day by day. If anybody want to sell their products online or wanna show information about their services providing then in that case they need a website.

What is Website

Website is a collection of html tags which represents your services or business. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Now the trend of website is HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Ajax etc. AwadhTechnology is one of the leading website designing company in Lucknow which uses latest technology to build the websites for client like Sublime, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop tools which are good for building a informational Website. To develop any professional website you need an expert web developer & We are team of professional web developers who can deliver you needs. We have developed so many software solutions across india & abroad too.

When to go for Promotional Services

First of all you need a good looking website with lot of sections representing your services/ your business. We make only SEO Friendly Websites which are good for SEO if you take further step after building a Website. We are best web designing company in Lucknow.

Mobile Friendly Website Designing

Today 85% of visitors are mobile users means they open everything on mobile. People are becoming lazy day by day to use laptops, computers. They just search everything on mobile and open it. In that case if your website is not mobile friendly then it means you are losing around 85% of your audience. Mobile Friendly Website are websites which open differently on mobile rather than desktops. AwadhTechnology is providing the best mobile friendly websites designing in Lucknow using latest technology HTML5. Our Experts are ready to server you the best with their professional & coding skills. Mobile Friendly Website is mandatory for every Business because Google is also giving preference to websites who are mobile friendly rather that who are not.

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If your Website is not mobile friendly then google will give you a message in their rankings that your page is not Mobile Friendly:

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To Test Your Website is Mobile Friendly or Not please Click Here

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dynamic website designing

Dynamic Website Designing/ CMS Designoing

There are two types of websites come in the market. First one is Static Website & Second one is Dynamic Website.
In Static Website you will just show up your services or information. If you are running a small business organization then you just don’t need a dynamic website you just build a static website to show up your services.

Big Organizations have big amount of data about their employees & their business. In that Case they need to store this on website using databases & wanna do changes by editors designed by developers which are user friendly then we go for building Dynamic Website Designing / CMS Designing. CMS is content management system in which content is stored in database. The Most powerful & widely used CMS are Wordpress, Drupal & Joomla. AwadhTechnology is a team of professional Web Developer who will give you the best Dynamic Website Designing in Lucknow/ CMS Designing in Lucknow using these popular CMS.

Landing Page Designing

What you understand by landing page? What you Think It is? Actually a Landing Page is a single page website where all the services & sections are defined on one page. Or in SEO terms we can say it where the users lands is a landing page. One page designing usually needs a user when they go for Google Adwords Service just to show up their service on google via Google Ads or PPC System.

In That case we make a landing page for client and set up their website ready for Google Adwords. AwadhTechnology is expert in providing the best designs for Landing Page Designing in Lucknow. We show up your one page like the fully website with Lead Generation Form, About Section, Services Section, Contact Section & lot more with best prices.

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